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Transporting almost 60%

of intra-European transport,

ShortSea Shipping is the transport mode that satisfies the Community’s transportation needs. The European Union’s interest in a systematic shift of cargo flows from road to sea is an activity that decongests European roads, reduces accidents, and provides more environmentally friendly transport services dates back to the 90’s. The main milestones of the EU policy for Shortsea shipping are presented below:


White paper “New Challenges for maritime industries”

SSS is identified as a high priority emphasizing the role of the mode to Union’s transport system.


Development of Short Sea Shipping in Europe – Prospects and Challenges COM(95) 317 finalyour company history or achievements.


1st National Shortsea Promotion Center -Netherlands


The establishment of the Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre

The Cyprus Shortsea Promotion Centre is a private non-profit organisation and its operation is based on two fundamental elements: cooperation and neutrality.


ESN establishment

The European Green Deal
 COM(2019) 640 final

Boost Multimodal transport and highlights the shift of cargoes from road to sea


Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy
COM (2020)789

Strategy recognizes the contribution of the mode to the sustainability of the transport network and set the target of 25% of cargo shift by 2030 and 50% by 2050