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Romanian Intermodal Association 

Romanian Center For Intermodal Transport Promotion

Romanian Intermodal Association promote the intermodal transport/ Short Sea Shipping (SSS)/ Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) facilities available in and outside the country in order to decongest goods trade/traffic in Romania and integrate the maritime and river transport within the chain of intermodal transport. Working on the three main pillars, RIA:

Pillar 1

Encourage and conduct research, support and organise seminars and activities of professional training in the country and abroad

Pillar 2

Facilitate better communication between different transport companies within the intermodal chain through seminars, conferences, workshops

Pillar 3

Edit newspapers, magazines, books, notes, publications and mass-media cooperation to sustain the members activities and the association.

What we are good at

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Define specific professional competencies and training objectives. Develop and deliver professional programs for personnel working in intermodal activities in order to promote new professional competencies.


Build on strong interrelations with existing expert groups, partners and initiatives. Add European value and create synergies at the international level through networking and knowledge exchange.


Ensure access to information and services. Promote the Danube as the principal traffic way to transit goods to and from central Europe. Share relevant information about the Association and its specific activities.

Contact Us

 Prof Dr Nicoleta Acomi, President