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SPC Spain

Short description of SPC

Created in 2002 with the intention of facilitating the development of competitive multimodal transport chains, with significant participation of maritime transportation in cooperation with the road. Its fundamental objectives and activities are:

Educate shippers and, especially, operators on the possibilities and advantages of the SSS

Collect and provide information on available and potential services of SSS with Spain.

Identify and analyze problems or obstacles that may affect the competitiveness of SSS.

Provide reports and analysis to companies and public bodies.

Promote strategic alliances between operators in the transport chain with a multimodal perspective of short sea transportation.

Reinforcing the complementarity between maritime and land modes, particularly road transport, when setting the transport chain

Spanish Shortsea Promotion Center – SPC Spain

Definition of the SSS

The European and Spanish regulation in force define Short Sea Shipping (SSS) as the movement of cargo and passengers by sea between ports situated in geographical Europe or between those ports and ports situated in non European countries having a coastline on the enclosed seas bordering Europe.

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The Association and its members wish to give a clear message about the complementarity, security and reliability of Short Sea Shipping services, and the mutual respect among the key players of the multimodal chain.

Ship-owners, shippers, road haulers, ship agents, freight forwarders, shipping operators, etc. all transport agents have the opportunity to contribute to a common interest: a multimodal alternative and sustainable transport and an opportunity of business in the European and international scene.

Contact information: 

Cronos Street 63
Madrid SPAIN
Postal Code 28037
3rd Floor, Office 6

Tel: +34 91 304 13 59
Fax: +34 91 327 41 99