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SPC Poland

KIP non-profit organisation 

Shortsea Promotion Centre Poland located was established in 2001 in Szczecin and is registered under number 000018443 with Register of Associations in the National Court Register in Poland. The activity of organization complies with the legal act dated 07 Aprill 1989:  Low on Associations.

The scope of activity of association:

  • Initiating, supporting and taking a part in the activities focused on development of shortsea shipping in Poland.
  • Promotion of ‘door to door’ multimodal transport and ‘from road to sea’ initiatives as well as strengthen of shortsea shipping importance.
  • Monitoring of problems and limitations standing ahead of development of shortsea shipping in Poland.
  • Collecting, processing and passing over to relevant stakeholders and mass media the information related to the global development  of shortsea shipping in Poland and Europe.
  • Applying for funding from international organizations, including the European Union, and from national and local government institutions for projects and programs aimed at development of short sea shipping in Poland.


Website link:
Contact information:
email – biuro@shortsea.p
Phone – +48 91 43 08 321