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HSSA About us

The Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association (HSSA) operates since 1930 but it was officially found in 1940 under the name of “Mediterranean Cargo Vessels Shipowners Union”. The special nature of the shortsea shipping in combination with the intense competition the Greek fleet received during this period, made the establishment of a dedicated association a necessity. Nowadays, HSSA is the oldest Shortsea Shipping associations in Europe accounting 75 years of uninterrupted operation.

Long term strategic objectives

Build a strong Business Association that supports local economy and lobbies on behalf of its members.

Improve the competitiveness and the financial and environmental performance of the Hellenic Shortsea fleet through enabling global exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Optimize the performance and effectiveness of the Board, Committees and Staff to be effective trustees of member interests.

Build strong linkages with national, European and international business communities, maritime associations and logistic partners.

Educating– informing the maritime industry and the key stakeholders about SSS benefits .

Establishing effective communications tools, for the promotion of SSS and the improvement of its image.

Improve SSS image to youngsters in order to attract qualified personnel.

Support the development of green solutions.