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Driving Sustainable Blue Growth
by Addressing the Needs of Industry and Society

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) is a “Centre of Excellence in Marine and Maritime Research, Technology Development and Innovation”. With a local and global outlook, we aim to take advantage of the reality, that what is local in the Blue Economy, is also global, and vice versa.

The Cyprus Ports Authority has taken the initiative for the establishment of the Centre, as it has to play a leading role in promoting Shortsea Shipping nationally.  Some of the actions that Port Authorities could take within the framework of promoting Shortsea Shipping are:   

CMMI’s vision is to drive sustainable Blue Growth by addressing the needs of industry and society within the spectrum of the marine and maritime sectors. It has ten Research and Innovation Centres that are involved in marine observation, marine robotics, maritime digitalisation, maritime engineering, marine and coastal ecosystems, the maritime human element, marine cultural heritage, marine and maritime policies and regional cooperation and underwater and seabed technologies.

Target Markets

  • Maritime Transport
  • Shipbuilding and Repair
  • Marine Renewable Energy (Offshore Wind – Ocean Energy)
  • Port Activities
  • Coastal Tourism
  • Marine Living Resources
  • Marine Non-Living Resources
  • Blue Biotechnology
  • Marine Infrastructure
  • Maritime Defence, Security and Surveillance

CMMI Key Areas of Expertise


  • Vessel Design and Performance
  • Emissions monitoring, minimisation and alternative fuels
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  • IoT, Data Science and AI
  • Energy and Subsea Resources


  • Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
  • Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Threats and pressures (e.g., invasive species, climate change)
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Bioresources
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Environmental monitoring, mapping & modelling
  • Metocean analysis
  • Marine Observation.


  • Society, Culture and Heritage
  • Safety, Risk and Regulation
  • Ports, Logistics and Tourism
  • Human Element
  • Policy matters & legislation
  • Regional & International Cooperation

Contact information: 

CMMI House, Vasileos Pavlou Square

P.O.Box 40930, 6023

Tel: +357 2450610