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The Sweden Finland X-Press (SFX) Service is Back with a Refreshed Rotation!

X-Press Feeders is thrilled to announce that the Sweden Finland X-Press (SFX) service is back in action with a refreshed and improved rotation! This bi-weekly service promises to provide a fast and unique transit time, directly linking Northern Sweden and Finland with Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven.

The refreshed bi-weekly SFX service will provide a fast and unique transit time with a direct link from North Sweden and Finland to Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. 

What’s New with the SFX Service?

The updated SFX service has enhancements set to benefit the entire region. Here are some highlights:

  1. Extended Port Calls: The SFX service now includes extended port calls to Wilhelmshaven and Piteå, broadening its reach and improving accessibility for businesses and cargo.
  2. Enhanced Regional Connectivity: The SFX service is poised to boost trade and logistics operations in the region by directly linking Northern Sweden and Finland to key German ports.
  3. Flexible Options: The SFX service is open to inducement calls into other Bay of Bothnia ports, offering greater flexibility and customized solutions to meet diverse logistical needs.

Detailed Service Rotation

Here’s the new and improved service rotation for the SFX:

  • Hamburg ➡ Wilhelmshaven ➡ Piteå ➡ Tornio ➡ Oulu ➡ Hamburg
Illustration by X-Press Feeders

Service details

  • 1 vessel – capacity of 1.036 TEUs
  • Fortnightly service
  • Fast and unique transit times with a direct link from North Finland to Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, and Bremerhaven (on inducement)
  • Options for inducement calls into other Bay of Bothnia ports

Benefits of the Refreshed SFX Service

  • Faster Transit Times: With a streamlined rotation and direct links, the SFX service offers faster transit times, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination promptly.
  • Improved Service Offerings: Including additional port calls and flexible inducement options means a wider array of service offerings tailored to your needs.
  • Enhanced Trade Opportunities: The direct connection between Northern Sweden, Finland, and key German ports opens up new trade routes and opportunities, fostering economic growth in the region.

Feel free to reach out for more details or to discuss how the SFX service can be tailored to your specific logistical requirements. Contact us here

About X-Press Feeders

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