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Samskip connects Santander, Tilbury, and Rotterdam with this new shortsea service launch

At the beginning of April, Samskip launched a new shortsea container service connecting Santander, Tilbury, and Rotterdam. This service delivers intermodal transport’s reliability, security, and sustainability advantages to customers throughout Spain, supported by dedicated local customer support.

The new service from Rotterdam offers customers a weekly Spain-Tilbury-Rotterdam shortsea option. This service remains highly cost-competitive against road-ferry alternatives and provides better reliability and substantially lower CO2 emissions per tonne mile, a significant environmental benefit.

Equally as important as our commitment to sustainable practices and innovation is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe every shipment is a journey, and every journey countsKari-Pekka LaaksonenSamskip CEO

The service will connect Santander to Rotterdam and Northern Spain to the London economic area. It will also enable Rotterdam to be a transshipment port, connecting the customer to Samskip’s service offering to the rest of Europe. 

Samskip illustration of the Shortsea service from Rotterdam-Santander-Tilbury

Samskip is a global logistics company offering transport and related services by land, sea, rail, and air. Its particular focus is on cost-efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly transport.

Another step forward towards our aim to give customers a better Door/Door service to the UK and EuropeJavier Fontaneda, Country Customer Experience Manager, Samskip S.L.

This new service connecting Northern Spain to the London economic area and the logistics hub of Rotterdam will provide a significantly enhanced reliable service for our customersÓlafur Orri ÓlafssonHead of Network Optimization & Iberia Trade

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Screenshot from Shortsea Schedules