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DFDS with new freight service from Tilbury to Calais

DFDS announced a new Tilbury – Calais ferry service.  The unaccompanied freight service began in late June and replaced the current service from Calais to Sheerness. The new driverless freight ferry service further cements Tilbury’s position as the gateway to Europe. It supports their focus on achieving Net Zero by helping to remove trucks from the UK’s congested road networks.

The new service started in June this year and offers daily sailing in each direction six days a week. The dedicated Tilbury – Calais service will be operated by the Botnia Seaways ship, with space for 115 unaccompanied units. The relocation results from customer feedback and demand for a more accessible route into the UK.

We are very excited to work with Tilbury Port on this new partnership to provide our customers with the service they require and expect from DFDS.

Jean-Claude Charlo, Route Director for DFDS
Screenshot from Shortsea Schedules showing Tilbury-Calais search result.

We warmly welcome DFDS back to the Port of Tilbury as we confirm that the busy Calais daily ro-ro ferry service will begin this month. This is a significant long-term agreement with DFDS, whom we have previously worked with, and we are looking forward to receiving the first vessel into Tilbury at the end of June. As London’s fastest growing port, DFDS’s customers will benefit from our strategic location on the Thames, which is within easy reach of the London and the south-east markets, as well as access to our multimodal facilities, including a dedicated freight rail operation with connections across the UK. The new driverless freight ferry service further cements our position as a vital gateway to Europe. It supports our focus on achieving Net Zero by helping to remove trucks from the UK’s congested road networks.

Paul Dale, Asset & Site Director, Port of Tilbury

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