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2023 ΙΜΟ Greenhouse Strategy on track, but insufficient

The Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association welcomes the historic agreement which revises the IMO Greenhouse Gas Strategy gradually, aiming for zero GHG emissions from international shipping by 2050, as well as the ambitious goal of using alternative fuels at a rate of 10% by 2030.

In order to achieve the relevant goals, it is essential for HSSA to highlight that similar initiatives are required in the production and distribution of sufficient marine fuel.

Current figures are not encouraging, since by 2030 alternative fuels will remain in low numbers (biofuels 6-9%, e-fuels 0,5-0,7%, low carbon fossil fuels 1%, ammonia 1%, methanol 1%, etc). Therefore, according to “Order book 2022” new buildings will be using conventional fuels at a rate of 88,16% and only a percentage of 11,16% are using alternative fuels.

It is important to face reality and the fact is that reducing GHG emissions does not depend on shipping per se, but on the capability of producing and distributing alternative maritime fuels.