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Short Sea Shipping: Challenges and Opportunities towards 2027


Short Sea Shipping: Challenges and Opportunities towards 2027

29th September 2022 

The program of work of the 2022 Italian Presidency of the European Shortsea Network (ESN) is focused on promoting a debate on the decarbonization and digitalization processes of the transport and logistics system, on the evolution of the geopolitical scenarios in Europe and the Mediterranean area, revitalizing the discussions on the future of Short Sea Shipping outlining its role in the framework of the targets set by the Green Deal and other European policies.

The event will be an important opportunity to present a draft version of the ESN paper elaborated following the results of the webinars held in 2022: “The importance of eco incentives for SSS and the maritime sector” and “Digitalization and environmental sustainability as> drivers in the change of SSS”, which will be subject to a public consultation before being presented to the competent European

Representatives of national and EU Institutions and stakeholders will discuss​ the policies, programmes, funding opportunities and future scenarios of Short Sea Shipping in Europe. A simultaneous translation in English will be provided for the Italian interventions.

If you wish to participate in live streaming to the ESN conference and to the sessions of Port&ShippingTech 2022 a registration to the following link will be required:

ESN 2022 Italian Presidency: Program of work (642 downloads )