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New director hired in the Port of Hirtshals

Per Holm Nørgaard has been hired as the new director of the Port of Hirtshals. There was great interest in the position and an extensive recruitment process.

Per Holm Nørgaard comes from a position in Blue Water Shipping, where he has been employed as director PMO since 2018. Per Holm Nørgaard has been employed in Blue Water Shipping for 22 years for two periods, most of which have been in various management positions. In addition to his management experience, Per Holm Nørgaard also brings great knowledge and expertise in strategy work and implementation, process optimization, and organizational development.

Strong applicants for the position

When the Port of Hirtshals started searching for a new port director a few months ago, the port generally experienced significant interest in the position. After an intensive recruitment process with a strong field of 39 applicants, the choice fell from a unanimous board of Per Holm Nørgaard as the new director of the Port of Hirtshals.

We have been through a very exciting and educational process, and we are proud that such a competent profile has chosen to dedicate itself to the future development of the Port of Hirtshals. We are confident that Per Holm Nørgaard is the right person to lead the port’s upcoming upgrade, and we look forward to welcoming him
Anker Laden-Andersen, Chairman of the board in the Port of Hirtshals

The Port of Hirtshals 2.0 – the greenest traffic harbor in Europe

In May, the Port of Hirtshals announced its plans to upgrade the port to version 2.0. The development plans include a significant physical port expansion and improvement of the facility, the ambition to become the greenest traffic port in Europe in terms of freight, transport, and logistics solutions, and the production of green fuels.

-The Port of Hirtshals is on the threshold of an exciting future, in which I look forward to taking part. I have a lot of experience translating strategies into reality from the past, and if we all lift together, I’m sure we’ll probably reach our goal safely. Together, we must ensure that the port continues to develop and thereby create the best possible framework conditions for our owners, customers, users, and the local area, says Per Holm Nørgaard.

Stronger together

The future port director started as an air freight forwarder – a training that he has since supplemented, first with a pre-MBA and then an Executive MBA in strategic thinking, both from the Business Institute in Aalborg. In addition, Per Holm Nørgaard has also worked a few years as an independent and had a background in the military. The many experiences he has gained along the way have given Per Holm Nørgaard a clear guideline for what is good leadership for him.

Over the years, I have become very aware that results can not be created by a man alone – but rather by a team.”
Per Holm Nørgård incoming director of the Port of Hirtshals

-I have learned the importance of thorough preparation; If you are thoroughly prepared, it is much easier to perform and better handle uncertainty, says Per Holm Nørgaard, who will use these experiences in his new job

Per Holm Nørgaard will take up the position as director of the Port of Hirtshals per. August 1, 2021. He takes over from Andreas Duus, who has served as acting director of the port.